Hi everyone.  We’re getting ready for our little thanksgiving break on Thursday.  Our stores will be closed on Thanksgiving day, but we will be open again Friday and Saturday.  (Come take advantage of the sales tax holiday!)

Speaking of savings, you’ll be able to save 3 ways Friday and Saturday:

 5% off everything (no sales tax)

10% off all 2007 bikes in stock.

20% off everything else in the store.  (So with no sales tax, you’re looking at possible 25% combined savings on hundreds of items.)

A few more things:

1. Come by the store to pick up race applications.  There are tons of 5K -20K races coming up, and after this year’s thanksgiving meal, you know you’re going to need to burn off some calories!

2. Our sorta-kinda house band Robocop Smoothie is playing this Friday at Connolly’s Irish Pub (downtown) @ 10pm.  Come join us there.

3. If you’re looking to burn it off before you can eat it, we are launching a Turkey Day ride tomorrow (thanksgiving day) from our Woodruff rd. store @ 8:30am.  The ride should be about 50 miles (+-3 hours) along hilly, rolling terrain.    We’ll also give you some info on a Caesar’s Head ride this Saturday afternoon if you happen to miss our usual Saturdaymorning ride.

4. Run with us from the Main Street (downtown) store @ 6:15pm this and every Friday.  We usually go 4-5 miles (about 40 minutes) and enjoy a free drink afterwards. (Yes, we have beer.)

Okay, that’s it for now, but we’ll be back Friday with more fun content.

Have a great Turkey Day!