So, someone told me yesterday that the average Thanksgiving meal intake is around 3,000 calories. Let’s see… turkey-lurkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, broc-au-gratin, salad, cheese, wine, pecan pie, etc.

So… Yeah, 3,000 calories. Ahem. Wow. You’d need to walk about 45 miles to burn all of that off. (That’s a lot of walking back and from to and from your mailbox… or the water cooler.)

Good thing some of us went out for a little 50-mile ride in the morning then. (Mea-culpa: I had to cut mine short because I had to be at my in-laws by a certain time, so I only rode 43 miles… but still. “Burn it before you can eat it” is always a good plan.)

Incidentally, if you start a ride at 8:30am on a sunny and relatively windless day and the temperatures are around 38 degrees F, DO NOT wear a winter jacket. An underlayer, jersey and vest are enough. You might feel a little cool at the start of your ride, but as soon as you get warmed up (about 10-15 minutes) you’ll be glad you didn’t overdress.

So, to recap:

Bike start conditions – 38 Degrees F & Sunny with no significant wind @ 8:30am

Top: underlayer (or light summer jersey) + long-sleeve jersey OR short sleeve jersey with arm warmers + Medium-weight cycling vest.

Bottom: Tights + oversocks or medium-weight booties.

Other: Medium-weight long fingered gloves + ear warmers or skullcap.

The advantage of the layers is that you can take items off as needed. If the weather never warms up (say, the weather report was wrong and clouds start rolling in,) you’ll be fine with what you started the ride in. If the weather warms up, you can take off the vest, arm warmers, and maybe even one of your jerseys. The tights, booties and gloves can also fit in a pocket or two.

Some shopping ideas for the perfect 30-40 Degree ride start:

  1. Defeet underlayer tank ($34)
  2. Castelli cycling jersey – long or short sleeve ($75-$109)
  3. Hincapie cycling Sto-away Wintex vest ($89-$119) – see below
  4. Hincapie tights or bib tights ($109-$149) – see below
  5. Defeet oversocks ($19)
  6. Pearl Izumi gloves ($25) – see below
  7. Pearl Izumi ear warmers or skullcap ($15-$20) – see below
  8. Hincapie arm warmers ($35) – see below

Here is what some of that stuff looks like:


If you haven’t had a chance to burn off those Turkey-calories yet, join us tonight @ 6:15 at the Downtown store for our weekly beer run (the free beer is optional), and/or for our weekly Saturday morning ride tomorrow. (Rollout is at 8:00am, and we should be done by 9:45am.)

Happy Super-sales Friday, everyone. 😉