So, Athlete Focus is still in Beta and hasn’t been officially launched yet (call this a… soft launch), but it isn’t stopping cyclists, triathletes and other action sports athletes (like snowboarders, waterskiers, etc.) from signing up in steadily increasing numbers.  Cool stuff.

Seriously: Take the twenty seconds it takes to register for an account (it’s both free and painless), and start uploading photos, race schedules, etc.  The site will take a few more months to start filling up, but it will quickly become a great little cycling and triathlon hub, and a fantastic place to access sports-specific forums, find training buddies, and also (perhaps more importantly) find sponsors for yourselves, your teams, events and clubs.

Sign up now, tell your friends about it, and become a part of what is most likely going to be come a pretty important part of our sport’s infrastructure in the next few years.

Click here to get started.