you’re probably already familiar with our official website, but since it doesn’t really cover the fun that happens in our stores daily, we thought that creating this blog would kind of take care of our need to entertain you.

So… Unless something goes very wrong (or right, depending on whom you poll) this blog should give you a pretty decent recap of what is going on in our stores… which means that everything from photos, quotes of the day and the goofy pranks we pull should turn up here on a regular basis.

We’ll also link to great articles and resources about tri, cycling, running, swimming, training, racing, eating, drinking, and tons of other stuff (like what it’s like to live in Randy’s head).  The best part: It’s 100% free!!!!


Yeah, I know.  We’re just cool that way.

Note: Feel free to comment about anything you read or see on this site.  We definitely welcome your comments – even if they’re not exactly… nice.  Just try to keep it clean, or we will give you a wedgie right over the internet.  (Yeah, we actually know how.)