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 That’s right, the Sitton Paris Mountain 20K is just a few days away, so if you haven’t registered yet, now is probably a good time to do so.  You can do so by logging on to the Greenville Track Club’s website or by registering directly at

For those of you not ready for a 20K, there is a 5K option that’ll keep you on the Furman Campus.

This is a GREAT race, and we can’t recommend it enough.  (Come cheer us on.  Booyah!)

Production notes: See the lead runner standing above the “Y” of “Saturday”?  That’s our very own Ben Schowe (manager of the Main Street store).  To his left (our right) is Rusty Hutchison, also of the downtown store.  The large runner on the right is Chris Giordanelli – of the Carolina Triathlon-sponsored Greer State Bank/Hincapie Sportwear Triathlon Team. 


Fact #1: Saturday mornings are great.

Fact #2: It’s 2006. You can either tape or Tivo Saturday morning cartoons now, so getting a ride in is easy, and guilt-free.

Fact #3: The Winter Bike League rides started last Saturday. The schedule for December includes two more rides (Dec. 9 and Dec. 16). The skinny on these rides:

  • Distance: +- 65 miles of rolling terrain.
  • Avg. Pace: 18mph.
  • Participation: +- 100 riders.
  • Start time: 10:10am
  • Start Location: Carolina Triathlon, 633 S. Main Street (Downtown Greenville)
  • End location: Same as start.
  • Support: Sag van provided.

Carolina Triathlon opens at 10:00 am, so you’ll have a few minutes to buy energy gels and bars, gloves, arm warmers, vests, skullcaps, and whatever else you might have left at home or not bought yet.

When you get back from your ride, the Bistro at Carolina Triathlon can hook you up with a recovery drink, Endurox smoothie, specialty coffee drink, etc. The smoothies are pretty incredible (especially the PB&J and the Skull Crusher) so give them a try.

If you need to ride longer than 65 miles, come warm up with us at 8:00am. We ride from the store to Paris Mountain, do a little up-and-over, and ride back for an even 20-22 miles. The 8:00am ride can serve either as a warm-up or as a shorter ride if you aren’t up for 65 miles of riding this time of year.

For more information on these and other group rides, click here.


So it’s official:  Carolina Triathlon will be sponsoring the Greer State Bank/Hincapie Sportswear Triathlon Team for the 2007 season.  Carolina Triathlon joins Greer State Bank, Hincapie Sportswear, Rudy Project, Cliff Bar, and several other major sponsors in support of the Greenville-based team.  The team is scheduled to participate in a number of local and international races next year, and hopes to help promote the sport of triathlon in South Carolina.

Note: Carolina Triathlon also sponsors the newly-formed Carolina Triathlon Cycling Team (Pro,1,2), the Greenville Track Club’s Racing Series, and a number of other races, events and local groups including the Greenville Spinners, Anderson’s Electric City Cycling Club, the Spartanburg Freewheelers, the Greenville Track Club, the Upstate Triathlon Club, and local YMCA’s. 

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