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Yep, sometimes, we just like to break into song, right there in the store, and serenade our customers.

The word you’re looking for is ambiance.

Have a great weekend, everyone.






 above: Felt’s 2007 F-75. Carbon seatstays and shimano Ultegra 10-speed drivetrain for just $1,399.

It’s that time again: ROBOCOP SMOOTHIE (our very own house band) is playing Connolly’s Irish Pub (Downtown Greenville) again this Friday at 10:00pm, so swing by and enjoy what is sure to be another awesome show.

Also, you might want to get an early start with a free membership to a new great website specifically designed for athletes like us (triathletes, cyclists, mountain bikers, etc.).  The site’s focus is to provide athletes with a place to find training partners, post photos and videos of themselves, discuss their favorite sport, find coaches, show off, and even find sponsors.

The site is currently in its Beta phase (in development), but its soft launch has already attracted about 150 athletes just from word-of-mouth alone, and is sure to drawn in thousands by this summer.  (Wait ’till you see this thing once it isn’t in Beta anymore!)  It’s going to be huge.

For those of you keeping score, the site was dreamed up by Graham Fizer (one of the cooler Clemson grads I’ve met so far), and is being developed by the brilliant folks at Orange Coat, which is probably the best website design studio on the East coast… of the Galaxy.

Go check it out, create a profile (it takes just seconds), and start seeing out who’s there already.  I don’t mean to seem preachy or whatever, but you really need to join and help us start an online cycling and triathlon community for SC.  (It may not seem important now, but it’ll come in handy this spring.  Just you wait.)

Here’s what you do:

  1. Clear your schedulefor the next couple of minutes.
  2. Go to and sign up.

Thanks in advance, and if we don’t see you at the store in the next two days, we’ll see you at Connolly’s Friday… or at any of the rides this weekend.



So Ben, Rusty, Randy and Matt rocked Connolly’s last night, proving once again that you can be in a sweet rock band and be an athlete at the same time. One of the best bits from their gig last night was their cover of Seal’s “Crazy,” which was off the hook… as you can tell from the little dance party happening in the next photo:


 And this one:


 Have a great weekend, everyone.  🙂

10pm tonight: Our very own band Robocop Smoothie is playing at Connolly’s Irish Pub, Downtown Greenville.

All the cool kids will be there. 😉

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